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Swingball Classic Vs. Swingball Pro

Compare Swingball Pro ball and tether Swingball Power Bat

Pro Swingball Taller

Longer Spiral for Swingball Professionals

Faster Swingball Pro

Real Tennis Balls

Swingball Power Bats

Swingball Pro Stronger Base

Pro Swingball

Pro Swingball is the ultimate Swingball, perfect for older children and adults who enjoy hitting a real tennis ball.

The All Surface base allows you to play on any surface, simply fill the base with water or sand and you're ready to play! Check out these reasons to buy it!

  • Swingball Pro is taller!
  • Swingball Pro is faster!
  • Has a real Tennis Ball
  • Stronger Power Bats
  • More stable Base


Pro Swingball Pro Swingball Bats Swingball Pro Packaging


Purchase £39.99

Delivery £3.95

All Surface Swingball

All surface Swingball is a high-energy game that will keep you on your toes wherever you choose to play it. Exciting, tough and versatile, looks like it's game, set and match!

Check out these great features!

  • Play anywhere on any surface
  • Classic Swingball gameplay
  • All components store in base
  • Portable and compact
  • Unique carry handle


All Surface Swingball, Bats, and Ball All Surface Swingball In Action All Surface Swingball Packaging


Purchase £29.99

Delivery £3.95

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