Slingshot - Can you hit it?

We're proud to introduce Slingshot All Surface - Wobble Base Swingball!

Only for the skilled Swingball elite, the Slingshot Swingball has 2 modes in one base. Featuring the unique wobble base, meaning game play is faster, unpredictable and more competitive.

In Slingshot mode, the wobble base and rotary head delivers manic gameplay, challenging players with the quickest reactions - Can you hit it? 

In Swingball mode, you can tame the beast by adding on the stabilising feet and iconic spiral head turning it into a traditional game of Swingball. Height adjustable up to 1.55 meters, with rubber ball, 2 iconic checker bats and convenient bat holder, perfect for championship level matches.

Slingshot Swingball comes with the All Surface base which allows you to place anywhere on any surface - make sure you bring it to the next BBQ you go to and see who the real Swingball Champion is once and for all!