About Swingball

Swingball has been a hit with families for generations! The fast action, competitive ball and tether tennis game is the staple part of British Summertime for over 40 years.

With different styles to suit your playing level, Swingball is the perfect game for both children and adults alike... but be warned - it tends to bring out that competitive streak in even the most unlikely players!

At Swingball we’re committed to creating high quality outdoor sports toys that the whole family can enjoy. It’s not just tennis we love, we have a Sports Academy range featuring other amazing games including football, basketball, netball and cricket.

From the traditional ‘pole in the ground’ Swingball to the new Slingshot wobble base we have a whole collection of outdoor games that the whole family can enjoy – no matter what their age.

Swingball is a great way to develop hand-eye co-ordination in younger players – even Andy Murray revealed that he owes his success to Swingball!

We love hearing from Swingballers all over the world. Have a look at some of the brilliant photos and videos being shared now.

Whether you’re introducing your kids/grandchildren to the wonderful world of Swingball or reigniting an old sibling rivalry there’s one thing that’s absolutely certain – You will love Swingball!

Game, set and match.